Into the Metaverse with Jason Miller | Andrew Says 96

The CEO of Gettr sits down with Andrew Says to discuss the direction of the app, as well as the U.S. midterm elections. Plus, a field report from Trent University's 'Freedom Lounge.'

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CEO of social media platform GETTR, Jason Miller, sits down with Andrew for the first time to discuss the direction of the app, including introducing more sporting, entertainment and even the possibility of gaming events.

"We are now officially registered in Japan, as well," Miller says, after describing upcoming World Cup events being hosted in England by the company, including former soccer players, as well as comedy nights.

Miller discussed U.S. midterm elections such as the much-talked about Pennsylvania senatorial race between John Fetterman and Dr. Oz.

Broadly speaking, Miller discusses censorship, specifically new laws in Brazil, and the purchase of competing platforms: Twitter by Elon Musk and Parler by Kanye West.

In the field, Andrew Says visits Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada where the school has boasted about their "Freedom Lounge" which the school describes as the following:

"This space is a safe, comfortable, and accountable space for BIPOC and Racialized students to create community, feel empowered, celebrate their lived experiences, and honour their histories. Within this space, we seek to engage students in initiatives that actively dismantle oppressive, racist, and colonial ideologies and practices."

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