Inside the room where Dr. Fauci was deposed in a lawsuit on social media censorship with Jenin Younes

The lawsuit against the Biden administration, led by Louisiana and Missouri, alleges that the government violated First Amendment rights in coordinating censorship efforts with social media companies to combat COVID 'misinformation.'

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke with Jenin Younes of the New Civil Liberties Alliance about her recent work deposing Dr. Anthony Fauci. Jenin is a lawyer working with the NCLA on a case against the Biden administration for its role in social media censorship during the COVID pandemic.

Jenin described the atmosphere in the room at the National Institutes of Health headquarters, where Dr. Fauci was accompanied by approximately eight lawyers. The deposition lasted seven hours, as allowed by law. "He was very composed, he's very together... he knew how to answer questions," Jenin said. 

The lawsuit revolves around the government's secret collaboration with social media companies to censor dissenting opinions on COVID. "The government had made public threats... saying that tech companies had better censor so-called misinformation about COVID or they would face repercussions."

"The companies did start censoring people in response to this, and that's a First Amendment violation because the government can't use private companies to accomplish what it otherwise couldn't, and the government cannot censor people for expressing certain viewpoints." 

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