J.K. Rowling fights back against woke policy that endangers developmentally disabled children

'Predators go where there is access,' Rowling tweeted. 'Predators love victims who can’t fight back or speak out.'

J.K. Rowling fights back against woke policy that endangers developmentally disabled children
AP Photo/Christophe Ena, file
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Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is ramping up her fight against woke culture by drawing attention to a new policy that is reportedly taking place at a British school, which she says endangers “extremely vulnerable teenage girls.”

Posting on Twitter, Rowling shared an article about a learning-disabled 16-year-old, which was written by her unnamed parents, about a policy at a school that will enable male staff to take their daughter to the bathroom alone.

Writing about their daughter, the parents said that their child is so “severely” disabled that she, like other mentally-handicapped children, is unable to make decisions for herself.

“Their disabilities leave them with no sense of stranger-danger,” they wrote. “They are unable to tell anyone if they have been flashed, groped, or raped. They are unable to advocate for themselves or draw attention to their vulnerability through social media such as Twitter. They are entirely dependent on others, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

The article claims that the school's governing body elected to “remove cross-gender consent from the personal and intimate care policy.”

“I cannot overstate my contempt for those supporting policies that endanger extremely vulnerable girls. This is a travesty,” wrote Rowling. “Have we learned nothing from successive abuse scandals? Do we value the disabled so little?”

“Nearly 20 years ago I founded @lumos to reform care systems for vulnerable children,” the author continued. “I know from long experience how vulnerable children are in institutions. The statistics on predation are appalling. Disabled women and children are many times more likely to be abused.”

“Predators go where there is access,” she added. “Predators love victims who can’t fight back or speak out. Successive studies show that 98-99% of sexual abusers are male. This validation of male feelings over disabled girls’ protection is abhorrent.”

“I’m so bloody angry my hands are shaking,” said Rowling. “I’m the daughter of a disabled mother and I’ve campaigned for the rights of vulnerable children for many years, but I’m still constantly shocked by the cruelty and indifference shown to those who cannot advocate for themselves.”

Rowling called on her massive audience to contact their local lawmakers in Britain and others in positions of power to voice their condemnation of the dangerous policies.

According to the article, the parents said that the school sent out a memo informing them of the new policy, which the school described as being “in line with legislation and guidance relating to equality and diversity.”

“As her parents, our reaction was initially disbelief, followed by outrage, and a determination that this policy change should be reversed,” the parents stated. 

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