Pervert mayor rallies against concerned senior citizen

'As the mayor, I am legally-required to be a pervert and deviant,' said Mayor Faber in a tweet.

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Rebel News Reporter Katie Daviscourt went back to update everyone on Julie Jamon.

Julie Jamon is an 80-year-old swimmer of Port Townsend, Washington, who was banned from the YMCA after speaking out against a trans woman (who is biologically male) being in the women’s changing room, allegedly watching young girls undress.

"I finished my swim and went to the take a shower and I heard a man's voice, and I looked to one side where there are two toilet stalls with doors on them," said Juman. "A man was standing there in a woman's bathing suit, and he was watching little girls take those suits down in order to use the toilet."

In response to Julie's concerns, suspecting the biological male of criminal behavior, the YMCA permanently banned her from the facility for hate and discrimination.

Adding to that, the showdown between Julie and the YMCA has unearthed a scandal regarding the Port Townsend Mayor David Faber, a self-described pervert and deviant.

Now, David Faber was first elected to Port Townsend City Council in 2015 and held his position until he was appointed mayor by his fellow council members in January of this year.

When Mayor Faber learned about the incident involving Julie and the YMCA, he was quick to publicly denounced transphobia and in response signed a transgender proclamation for the city of Port Townsend, which stated:

David J. Faber, mayor of the City of Port Townsend, do hereby claim that the City of Port Townsend values our transgender residents and visitors, and urges all residents and visitors to be respectful, welcoming and kind to everyone regardless of gender identity.

Yet, he’s the same mayor who also posts tweets starting with this:

As the mayor, I am legally-required to be a pervert and deviant.

Rebel News has reached out to Mayor Faber for comments but he has not yet responded.

In the meantime, if you'd like to support Julie's efforts in fighting for women's rights, please sign this petition at

If you'd also like to support Rebel News, please go to and donate.

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  • By Katie Daviscourt

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