EXCLUSIVE: Justin Trudeau bought $850 worth of coal to power one of his fancy parties in India

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Justin Trudeau's delegation bought $850 worth of coal to power one of his fancy parties in India.

The coal fees were part of a bill for liquor and hospitality costs related to a reception hosted at Canada House by the Canadian High Commission in India during Trudeau's February 2018 state visit to India.

The hypocritical line item was buried deep inside a 1,700 page access to information document package obtained exclusively by Rebel News from Global Affairs Canada.

The bill for the February 18, 2018 Canada House soirée came in at $120,000 with the average cost per partygoer reaching in excess of $2,600, all covered by the Canadian taxpayer.

The spontaneous cringe-inducing dance that night by Trudeau was thrown in for free.

This week, Trudeau announced he is pledging $420 million to phase out coal in Canadian steel-making.

In June, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson announced plans to deny future thermal coal projects to meet environmental targets. Thermal coal is used in electricity, and is the same kind that was purchased in India.

The same exclusive documents revealed some possible expense improprieties by Trudeau bureaucrats.

Communications uncovered in the trove of emails show bureaucrats hatching a scheme to have an Indian hotel housing the massive Canadian delegation overcharge for a phantom, unused room to be billed to another department. The scheme would artificially deflate the costs of their own “club” rooms on paper.

Emails with the hotel reveal bureaucrats planned to use creative accounting to obscure their own hotel costs, right down to providing the hotel with the expense math necessary to comply with the sketchy plot.

Rebel News is hiring a law firm to draft a letter calling on the Auditor General to forensically audit the 2018 India trip. To sign the petition and donate to offset the legal costs to hold Trudeau's people accountable, please visit www.AuditTrudeau.com.

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