Justin Trudeau introduces worst censorship law of any western democracy

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party announced another bill aimed at censoring speech in Canada — and this one might be the worst yet.

In effect, this new bill will make Justin Trudeau the boss of YouTube in Canada.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained to viewers how the worst parts of this bill are being ignored by the mainstream media.

The bill, which makes an attempt at defining hate, would create a confusing law based around emotions. It could effectively define hate as whatever the government chooses it to mean. But how would that work in practicality, because as Ezra says, everybody “hates” something:

[The law] means whatever the government wants it to mean at any moment.

Justin Trudeau is full of hatred for people he doesn’t like — his political opponents. Trudeau constantly calls his opponents racist and sexist and homophobic. So does the rest of his cabinet. They even call their enemies Nazis. But by having such vague and subjective definitions, they can guarantee that they will only prosecute their enemies hate — never their own.

Or put another way: we’re all guilty of hate. Every single human being hates something. And loves something. And is sad about something. It’s part of our humanity, part of our healthy, normal personalities.

Part of being a good person is learning to control your darker emotions — hatred, sorrow, jealousy, etc. — and to express them positively.

I think some of the best people among us take their darkest feelings and transform them into something constructive, whether it’s just hard work; or even art; or positive political change.

I think hatred — a sense of injustice or hurt at an underlying grievance — is a major motivation for people to fix that underlying grievance, wouldn’t you?

So we’re all guilty of these thought crimes, these emotion crimes. We just are. So now it comes down to: who will be prosecuted. Since we’re all guilty.

This is cancel culture turned into law.

Help us fight against this new censorship law — the world's worst censorship law. Sign our petition at StopC36.com

This full monologue from The Ezra Levant Show is was released in full to help Rebel News viewers better understand the dangerous precedent that the Trudeau government wants to set.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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