Justin Trudeau tells reporter to "get vaccinated, please" rather than answering tough questions

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Justin Trudeau held a recent press conference about seniors at the Patro Roc-Amadour community centre in Quebec City, Quebec.

When I arrived, several RCMP officers were already present along with several media outlets. In order to attend the conference, I was asked to sign a form, which I did.

Trudeau took a tour of the local garden, and afterwards I managed to sneak close enough to him to ask my questions. Of course, Terry Guillon, the prime minister’s office’s media liaison, recognized me. He installed himself between me and Trudeau so that I would not have access to the PM.

Still, I took the opportunity to ask my questions in spurts until he turned to tell me to go get vaccinated. Judgement and discrimination on the part of my own prime minister? Unacceptable! I’ll let you judge for yourself.

Even the RCMP were more friendly to me. I believe that Trudeau continues to be afraid of real questions.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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