‘KILL THE BILL’: Protesters take to Flemington over new pandemic laws

Police allow anti-Dan protest to peacefully march in Melbourne.

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Hundreds marched to Flemington Racecourse in protest of Premier Daniel Andrews' proposed pandemic bill.

In an unusual scene, police facilitated the peaceful anti-Dan protest—even blocking roads for the protesters.

Chanting 'kill the bill', the group arrived at the Melbourne Cup entrance, where 10,000 punters were slowly allowed in after showing their vaccine passports.

Following speeches and chants, the protest marched back to Footscray Park to enjoy a family-friendly picnic.

For almost two years, the government and mainstream media have told us these protesters are "violent thugs looking for a fight with police".

This event proves that narrative as fake news. When police are willing to uphold the right to protest, there is no violence.

The protest was diverse, but the message was uniform: Kill the bill.

Fifty-six thousand people have signed a petition to the Governor who holds the power to stop the legislation from being enacted.

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  • By Avi Yemini


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