K'omoks First Nation in BC denounce blockade, blame “non-indigenous Comox Valley residents”

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Amid widespread resentment for the perpetrators of the nationwide blockades that Canadians are going through, the K’òmoks First Nation is distancing themselves from protesters who they say are using their name to raise trouble. The First Nation has received backlash after non-indigenous activists blocked the Inland Island Highway.

News of this particular blockade went viral after a Canadian icon drove his truck across the median to avoid the blockade, spraying sod and dirt in his wake. The event was recorded from inside the truck, and when that footage was shared it was revealed that the desperate blockaders tried to stop the truck with a hastily shoved plywood board.

This impersonation of First Nations is one example of many, where insidious organizations and individuals co-opt the brand and authority of real First Nation bands to garner sympathy from the media and public.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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