Lametti claims Canadian cops were harder on BLM protesters than anti-lockdown protesters

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Attorney General David Lametti and his claims are ridiculously wrong. 

The news of Lametti's accusations of bias policing broke Monday morning in Blacklock's Reporter:

Attorney General David Lametti in a letter to senators questioned whether police were “less aggressive” with white protesters opposed to vaccine mandates than Black Lives Matter demonstrators. Lametti cited in evidence a single CBC election commentary that complained Covid protesters were “mostly white.”

“Media reports indicate police responses to people protesting Covid-19 measures and policies have been much less aggressive than for other protest events led by Indigenous and Black protesters,” Lametti wrote the Senate legal and constitutional affairs committee. He cited no data.

Instead, Lametti cited a single CBC report:

Police treatment of Indigenous protesters differs starkly from white protesters, experts say

“Experts say” in the headline should be your first clue about how this story is going to unfold.

CBC reporter Angela Sterritt lamented “...[the] hands-off treatment of people protesting mandatory vaccinations, many of whom are white”:

Last week crowds swept cities across British Columbia with mostly white protesters blocking roads to health care facilities, verbally accusing health care workers and assaulting a hospital employee... Police presence was minimal and one person was arrested.

Days later, protesters with alleged ties to white supremacist circles yelled and pelted gravel at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

And then CBC rounded up Irina Ceric, a professor in the criminology department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University to call cops racist:

“There is evidence that the police are more hands-off with anti-vaccine and anti-mask protests because there seems to be some, some level of affinity there,” she said.

“It's really difficult now to argue that there isn't really systemic racism within policing agencies across Canada.”

What planet are these people living on?

During the pandemic, when everyone else was locked down, BLM protesters took the streets by thousands wherein police across the country took a knee, genuflecting before the anti-police group. The police weren't overly tough on BLM. They supported them, openly. But anti-lockdown cops lost their jobs.

BLM was able to break gathering laws to protest.

Conversely, there are 2,200 hundred people, businesses and churches currently being helped by lawyers working with to fight their lockdown tickets, fines, summons and even criminal charges in court at no cost to them through a partnership with The Democracy Fund and through crowdfunding donation.

These are people who just wanted to be left alone like BLM was.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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