Lauren Chen on Trudeau's handgun ban: 'Canada has very, very strict gun control already'

From limits on the number of rounds in a magazine to background checks, Lauren explains the obstacles to legally obtaining a gun in Canada at TPUSA's Young Women's Leadership Summit in Dallas.

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Rebel News was present at the Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022, an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas, Texas, that aims to promote women in leadership and conservative values.

During this three-day event, we managed to interview many high-profile speakers. One of the speakers we talked to is Lauren Chen, formerly known as Roaming Millennial. Her career started out doing YouTube videos debunking far-left talking points.

Eventually, she worked for BlazeTV with her show Pseudo-Intellectual. She also wrote articles for RT. Currently she does independent work by posting content on her YouTube channel.

Lauren talked to us about what motivated her to come as a speaker to the Young Women's Leadership Summit. She also talked about her thoughts as a Canadian woman about the current political actions of Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Parliament.

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