Lawyer confronts Ottawa Hospital and police over reinstated mask mandate

Lawyer and legal advocate Daniel Freiheit joins Rebel News to discuss his recent letter to the Ottawa Hospital and Ottawa Police Service in light of hospital administrators' controversial decision to reimplement a mask mandate.

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Lawyer Daniel Freiheit of Lion Advocacy recently sent a powerful letter to the Ottawa Hospital as it reinstated a mask mandate this week, starting on September 11.

When elaborating on what compelled him to write this letter, Freiheit explains that he was concerned about the “pattern of disproportionate force being used on people that were not realistically a threat to others.”

“People were pepper sprayed, harassed, assaulted, and arrested; people that were not at high risk of spreading anything dangerous,” he said. “They weren’t violent folks but they were being handled in ways that are uncharacteristic of this great country of ours.”

Normally Canadians could have gone to their doctors to obtain a mask exemption, but the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario meddled in that process throughout the pandemic, effectively preventing physicians from swaying from anything recommended by public health — be it universal masking or the novel mRNA injections.

Freiheit included the Ottawa Police Services (OPS) in his letter, stating he would “expect that the Ottawa police would be reluctant to arrest and shove someone to the ground because they’re not wearing a mask.” Freight remains hopeful that the OPS would “take it a bit easy and not be too strict.”

In closing, Freiheit included a message to hospital administrators.

“Ask people to wear a mask if you want to,” he says, “but if they’re pushing back, let it slide… the masks are not the golden standard that we thought they were.”

The Cochrane review published in January concluded, after a thorough dissection of all existing medical evidence, that “there was not a clear reduction in respiratory viral infection with the use of medical/surgical masks.”

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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