Lawyer creates database for businesses requiring vaccines for customers, staff

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A lawyer in Toronto has created a website to list businesses that are either requiring all of their staff to be fully vaccinated or are request proof of vaccination status from patrons. The website, SafeTO-Do, was apparently set up to help individuals who are concerned about the prevalence of COVID-19 mitigate risk factors — and wasn't designed to be political, according to its operator.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed how these kinds of policies from businesses are requiring potential customers to expose personal medical details to someone simply because they want to do something normal like have a bite to eat or exercise.

Speaking about how these small businesses are in dire need of customers after months of lockdown restrictions, Sheila said:

Privacy doesn't exist anymore. We have total weirdos on the internet asking other people if they've been vaccinated before you can even go get a burger somewhere or have a beer, because you're dying to patronize a small business to help them stay open.

The small business says to you, hmm... have you had a vaccine? Have you had a mind your own damn business, how's that? What happened to decency anymore? It is completely gone.

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