Left-wing YouTuber Jordan Shanks claims his home was 'firebombed'

Political influencer says he has a list of suspects as Police say the incident is being treated as suspicious

Left-wing YouTuber Jordan Shanks claims his home was 'firebombed'
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Police are investigating a fire at the Bondi home of Jordan Shanks whose political commentary as Friendly Jordies has made him a popular left-wing figure on Youtube.

Fire broke out on Shanks’ veranda in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Police said they were treating it as “suspicious”.

Shanks, who was not home when the house caught fire, claimed through lawyers that his residence had been “firebombed”.

He told the ABC that his mind was "racing" over who was responsible. He said he had a “list” of suspects.

Shanks has a large following on YouTube and social media because of his outspoken and self-described “low-brow” take on politics and social issues.

Police said they were looking at possible links to a fire at the same residence five days ago.

Lawyers representing Shanks urged police to use “every possible resource” to “securing evidence and intel”.

“It might even warrant a Strike Force focused upon terrorism and attempted homicide rather than dangerous jokes,” they said.

Meanwhile, Shanks posted a photo of the fire captioned, “I’m still alive”.

NSW Fire and Rescue Superintendent Adam Dewberry said the damage to the front of the house was “significant.”

He said specialists would investigate the scene to identify accelerants that might confirm the origin of the fire.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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