Calgary abandons protest injunction as legal challenge launches

The Democracy Fund retained lawyer Chad Williamson to challenge the merits of Calgary's protest injunction.

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After this video was originally published, the injunction was lifted. See more of our coverage of Calgary's protest injunction by clicking here.

Spurred on by a Twitter temper tantrum from activist Mayor Jyoti Gondek, Calgary city council obtained a court injunction to dramatically limit the Charter enshrined rights of those attending weekly protests against COVID mandates.

The injunction forbids blocking traffic on roads and sidewalks, walking on the road, and restricting pedestrians from accessing amenities.

It also forbids using public parks in any way that appear disruptive to law enforcement and includes a noise restriction ban which bars any unnecessary use of horns and other noise-making devices, in addition to limiting the use of amplification.

After two years of entirely peaceful protests, we witnessed police escalation, violence and arrests all because the mayor couldn’t bear the thought of concerned citizens voicing their displeasure with an overreaching government.

We’ve also seen the selective and targeted enforcement of this injunction exclusively against the anti-mandate protesters — while other groups breach the injunction in the very same locations without facing enforcement — proving that this is a glaring and ideological attack on a targeted group of peaceful citizens, not an injunction with the good of the public in mind.

This civil liberties violation by activist politicians is precisely the sort of injustice The Democracy Fund exists to combat, so with your help at, they are taking on Mayor Gondek and Calgary city council in court, challenging this Charter-trampling injunction.

The Democracy Fund is working with Chad Williamson of Williamson Law and his team as they spearhead this important suit. We joined Mr. Williamson for an interview to analyze the legal foundation on which they are basing their efforts to bring an end to this unjust injunction.

Please consider making a tax-receipt eligible donation to this the battle and signing our petition against this discriminatory injunction at

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