LGBTQ activists lose it over pro-freedom conference scheduled in Victoria

Local media outlets have been pushing fake news based on falsehoods told to them by sex activists who have vilified the pro-freedom event's speakers who have shed a light on the harmful sterilization and mutilation of kids suffering from gender dysphoria, including Rebel News' Drea Humphrey.

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In today’s report, I walk you through some of the desperate attempts the "tolerant" and "inclusive" LGBTQ+ activists have made in an effort to try to have the city of Victoria cancel a contracted conference scheduled to take place at the city’s Victoria Conference Centre from June 21–23.

The annual Reclaiming Canada Conference, hosted by a non-partisan organization called We Unify, has run smoothly in Victoria since 2022 — except this year. 

With the help of state-choice media, activists within the Victoria Pride Society, such as their president Ace Mann, and members Martin Girard and Monique May from a protest group called One Million Voices for Inclusion, have joined a media and letter smear campaign.

This campaign painted the conference's speakers, including myself, as transphobic bigots.

“This is a solutions conference,” said We Unify media coordinator Karla Treadway in a statement to Rebel News to set the record straight. “It’s been our mission from day one that all open, respectful debate and dialogue is welcome at the table."

“If we can’t have conversations, if we can’t bridge the left and the right, we’re in trouble,” added Treadway.

Despite the conference welcoming ideas from across the political spectrum, the cancel culture mobsters appear to have successfully swayed the Union Club of B.C. to cancel the pro-freedom organization's venue for a pre-conference dinner, which was scheduled for this Friday. Since then, We Unify has since found a substitution.

City of Victoria officials, for now, remain on the right side of history with the matter:

“The city’s actions are subject to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and there is a right to freedom of expression in public places. Any government decision to restrict or limit the opportunity for such expression is subject to compliance with the Charter,” a spokesperson for the city told CHEK News, which published a hit piece parroting the LGBTQ+ activists' bogus and divisive claims.

While just, the city’s response triggered some of the censorious thugs who have come out against the conference. In a city council meeting last Thursday, Girard and May spread disinformation about the conference and its speakers as they demanded the city turn away from the Constitution and trample on freedom of thought and expression instead.

May went as far as to use her distorted views of my investigative documentary, Kamloops: The Buried Truth, which debunked the Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc 215 “unmarked grave” discovery claim to try and guilt the city council into cancelling the conference in honour of reconciliation.

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