Liberal MP Chris Bittle allegedly intimidated witness testifying on Bill C-11

Disgraced Liberal MP Chris Bittle was called out by CPC MP John Nater for sending an alleged intimidation letter to a future witness set to appear in the Senate on Bill C-11.

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As reported by the Globe and Mail, Liberal MP Chris Bittle “has asked the lobbying commissioner to investigate an outspoken critic of the federal government’s online-streaming bill for failing to immediately disclose funding from YouTube and TikTok.”

After being passed in the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau’s online censorship bill, Bill C-11, made it to the Senate, where it will be discussed. 

The Senate has called multiple witnesses to testify before them, giving their thoughts on the bill. Amongst those, one can find “Digital First Canada, an organization that advocates for YouTubers and people posting videos on platforms.”

Digital First Canada apparently received funding from both Youtube and TikTok, infuriating St. Catharines, Ontario’s Liberal member of Parliament. 

After finding out about the supposed funding from YouTube and TikTok, Bittle asked Lobbying Commissioner Nancy Bélanger to investigate the group for allegedly failing to disclose those donations. 

“Mr. Bittle also asked the commissioner to probe funding of the Buffer festival – an event for creators on YouTube – which Mr. Benzie runs and which he says is his advocacy group’s main source of funding,” according to the Globe and Mail

Common law professor at the University of Ottawa Michael Geist gave his thoughts on the issue, saying the situation is “embarrassing.”

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather made sure to put on the record that he did not sign Bittle’s letter, as told to the Globe and Mail

“Now add to that presiding over a parliamentary secretary accused of engaging in witness intimidation,” he wrote. “It is an astonishing and embarrassing record that desperately requires a reset. As the Senate hearing has demonstrated, these issues need not be overly partisan.”

Multiple senators also raised concerns over Bittle’s alleged shameful behaviour, which has been discussed, and will continue to be discussed, both in the House of Commons and the Senate. 

“But this case is unique as it is a member of the House of Commons interfering in another jurisdiction, the Senate,” MP Nater told House Speaker Anthony Rota during Commons proceedings on September 28. 

Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen asked for the House to allow the Liberal party to review the accusations, before providing a statement about them. 

For more disgraceful interactions Chris Bittle had with Rebel News, watch the content below.


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