Liberals face increasing scrutiny over bail reform as crime soars

'The government is not even safe from Justin Trudeau's soft-on-crime, catch-and-release bail policies,' said Sheila Gunn Reid.

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Sheila Gunn Reid discussed the Liberals' soft-on-crime approach leading to increasing auto theft and crime during Friday's livestream.

Auto theft has increased significantly under the Liberal government, with critics pointing to lax bail policies and the absence of changes to the Criminal Code as reasons for the crisis.

According to the most recent data, Canada has seen a surge in car thefts in recent years, with Ontario seeing close to a 50% increase in 2022. About 80,000 cars were stolen in Canada last year, according to the CBC.

Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland and Justice Minister Arif Virani appeared at a press conference last week in Brampton touting their new National Action Plan on Combatting Auto Theft.

The ministers were questioned about the soaring auto theft problem and what concrete steps they've taken to address the issue.

Freeland shifted blame to Conservatives, claiming they are slowing down the process of getting new bail reform passed and playing "games" in Parliament.

"The reality is we have a plan with specific, tough measures. Many of them require actionable legislation. They require changes to the laws we have on the books. We have put forward that legislation and now it needs to be passed," she said.

Speaking about Freeland's comments, Sheila said, "What in the hell is this woman talking about? She is part of a government that forms a majority, although it's a minority government, they form a majority with their enablers in the NDP."

"If legislation needs to be passed, guess what sister, you're the one to do it. Don't blame the opposition for not getting things done. And they should not stand on their high horse and say, 'It's the Conservatives stopping bail reform,'" she said.

Car insurance premiums are set to rise for automobile owners as much as 25% this year in Canada, with the spike in auto theft being a contributing factor.

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