Liberals need more time to find Melanie Joly's imaginary friend

A promo for Budget 2024 features a social media account that doesn't exist, because, of course, what real Canadian could have possibly been excited about the Liberals latest budget?

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The Privy Council Office (PCO) has taken a 30-day extension to turn over documents on the Liberals' use of a dormant X account to promote their latest inflationary budget.

Global Affairs Canada shared a trailer video for the federal budget on X, formerly Twitter, on April 5.

The video opens with a screenshot of a tweet from an account, “Amy Sminson,” that reads, “I wish Budget 2024 had a trailer so Canadians could know what we’re getting into.”

Intrepid X users who searched for the account with the handle “@vern109” as seen in the video did not find someone concerned about free birth control, but rather a long dormant account from a man in Florida who seems to like Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber and innocuous memes.

The Liberals made someone up to support their budget. I guess the supply did not meet the demand.

When the lie was uncovered, the Liberals told the National Post the account was simply used for “artistic effect,” which was not at all marked in the trailer. It was Liberal disinformation.

Rebel News wanted to know more about this failed scheme to mislead Canadians.

When did it start? Was anyone concerned that lying to Canadians was the wrong thing to do? Did anyone involved have apprehensions? Did they even try to find a Liberal on X who might have been eagerly awaiting in the disastrous Liberal budget to use in their fake news video instead?

And what did these professional liars have to say for themselves when the clever Canadian public saw right through their taxpayer-funded nonsense?

A records request was submitted in April 2024 by Rebel News, asking for all communications records pertaining to the fake account “Amy Sminson” or the X handle “@vern109” since January 2023. The filing will require an additional month for the PCO to fulfill.

The records, according to information bureaucrats in the PCO, will now be available by June 8, 2024 — a long time to find their imaginary friend.

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