Liz Cheney could be stripped of Republican leadership position as early as next week, face difficult primary

Liz Cheney could be stripped of Republican leadership position as early as next week, face difficult primary
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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According to reports, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney will likely be stripped of her leadership position in the party as chair of the House Republican Conference as early as next week. Cheney may also face an upcoming election battle for her congressional seat. 

“It’s all but certain that as early as next week House Republicans will strip Rep. Liz Cheney of her number-three GOP leadership position — but Cheney faces another major headache back home in Wyoming, as Republicans are plotting to oust her as the state’s lone representative in Congress when she’s up for re-election next year,” reported Fox News.

Fox News also reported that Cheney, “the most high profile of the 10 House Republicans to vote in January to impeach then-President Trump,” might benefit from a crowded primary field which “likely divides the anti-Cheney and pro-Trump vote.” Trump himself warned against this scenario, saying “her only chance would be if vast numbers of people run against her which, hopefully, won’t happen.”

Trump called for Cheney’s removal during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February 2021, saying “hopefully they’ll get rid of her with the next election.” She has also come into conflict with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Despite mounting pressure, Cheney has doubled down on her position, penning an op-ed for the Washington Post titled, “The GOP is at a turning point. History is watching us.”

“The Republican Party is at a turning point, and Republicans must decide whether we are going to choose truth and fidelity to the Constitution,” Cheney wrote.

Despite Cheney being widely criticized and unpopular among many on the right, some conservatives have defended the Wyoming Congresswoman.

On Wednesday Meghan McCain blasted House Republicans for contemplating replacing GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney on The View.

“What’s happening is — it’s very clear, and I’m going to be a little crass — they’re shivving her for her going on television multiple times and saying the election wasn’t stolen and for refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus,” she said.

“I have spent the past five years of my life trying to accept, understand, and include the MAGA base of this party, and the message that’s being sent by the highest member[s] of Republicans in Congress is that women like me and Liz Cheney, who refuse to bend the knee to President Trump, but still remain loyal Republicans, we don’t have a place in this party. We are worthless; we are not worth fighting for to keep,” McCain added.

According to Reuters, Republicans could vote on Cheney’s position as early as May 12, “their next scheduled meeting after a two-week break, adding that “Cheney, of Wyoming, survived a February party conference ballot with 145 caucus members voting to keep her in her role and 61 calling for her removal.”

“There is no way that Liz will be conference chair by month’s end,” a top McCarthy ally stated on Monday. “When there is a vote, it won’t be a long conference; it will be fast. Everyone knows the outcome.”

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