Lorne Gunter on Trudeau’s failed ‘bail reform’ policies

Ezra and Lorne discussed how crime is on the rise in Canada overall because of soft-on-crime policies, and how with stricter gun laws being put in place for law-abiding citizens, gun crime has doubled.

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On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra spoke with Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter about how Trudeau's failed 'bail reform' policies have led to a surge of violent attacks nationwide.

Lorne explained why these policies do not work to reduce crime:

You and I have talked before about how often experts turn out to be wrong. They were wrong about a lot of the pandemic countermeasures, for instance, they are terribly wrong in this case and we're seeing the evidence of it. So all of these liberal reforms were based on what experts told them. The best way to stop crime is to reintegrate the potential criminals into society as quickly as possible. No, you're releasing them, you're releasing the people who have shown themselves to be the most likely to commit crime you're releasing those people into the general population. What in heaven's name do you think is gonna happen?

Ezra brought up how lesser sentences are often given by ‘woke’ judges to minorities, especially indigenous criminals:

Most of the women who are violently assaulted or killed are victims of people they knew who had done it to them before, In many cases, a family member or a boyfriend. And the bail, you talked about how bail is so easy, it's even easier and, and sentences are even more lenient if there's an indigenous element to it, you get almost a racial discount, and this is done in the name of being progressive and healing. But if the primary victims of these indigenous men on reserves are indigenous women on reserves, you are sending the violent man right back into the household where he already attacked the woman. That's a shocking fact to hear. But it's the fact. And so the white judge feels very noble but he just sentenced another indigenous woman to be killed.

Lorne shared something that he came across when he was doing his research on the bail and parole fiasco:

Since the liberals have come to power, the percentage of gun crimes has doubled. And that's not people who are being convicted for unsafe storage or failing to renew their licenses or some of those administrative laws that the liberals created. That's not the crimes we're talking about. This is people who've pointed guns in the commission of a crime, fired a gun in the commission of a crime in some way or other, used a gun to commit a crime, that has doubled despite the assault weapons ban, the handgun ban and all of the other restrictions that the Liberals have put on law abiding gun owners, they were never the problem anyway. You know, so what you've basically done is you've increased the likelihood people with violent records will be out on the street and you've taken away guns from ordinary people.

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