WATCH: Lucky Lance's LIES smear Aussie veterans

Lance Simon's latest unhinged move backfires badly.

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Serial pest 'Lucky' Lance Simon has struck again, this time taking aim at a Melbourne-based veterans opportunity shop with a 'mud-slinging' false accusation.

Regular viewers will be well aware of Lance's continued attempts to smear Rebel News and his repeated threats of violence to intimidate opponents of Dan Andrews during the harsh Covid lockdowns in Victoria.

His latest attack took aim at the store started by Vietnam veterans, located in the Boronia Mall, wildly accused staff of donating funds to Rebel News.

Lance, the husband of infamous gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson, had been working at the op shop before announcing on social media his wild excuse for no longer working at the store.

"I'm no longer volunteering at the Aussie veterans opportunity shop/advocacy centre after learning they donating (sic) 5 thousand dollars to Avi Yemini," he wrote at the end of 2022, leading to commenters on social media speaking out against the store.

The tweet garnered more than 60,000 views, with Lance following up on Facebook with a video repeating the false claim while adding he had no proof that the store had donated a cent to Rebel News.

Mick Quinn, secretary of the Aussie Veterans Association said the false allegation had real-world impact with lance's followers turning up at the store to voice their vexation.

"I don't know where Lance got the idea, who he spoke to, it certainly wasn't anyone in the management side of the shop, it certainly was no-one in the association," he said.

"To be honest I'm gobsmacked," added Dave Menz, president of Aussie Veterans Association.

"I don't understand why he did it, I've tried to call the person (Lance) ... He hasn't returned any of my calls. I did speak to his wife .. and I said can you ask him to call us, I'm gobsmacked I don't know why this happened. I don't understand why he's done this and I've had no response from him at all."

The store raises much-needed funds to help military veterans, standing up for those who stood up to put their country first and their families.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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