Male-born 'female' powerlifter wishes painful death on critic April Hutchinson

A social media post from Anne Andres included videos where he lifts weights and shouts about Hutchinson — whom he calls an unnamed Ontario lifter — as well as the comparison of transgenderism and the treatment of black people.

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Anne Andres, the biological man competing as a female powerlifter in Calgary, Alberta, posted a series of ominous and intimidating video rants to his Instagram page, which accompanied a long-written diatribe directed at April Hutchinson, an activist for female-only spaces and the protection of women's only sports.

The Instagram post read:

'Y'all can probably skip this one. I got pretty angry but I said things that needed to be said.

The same fucking arguments against trans inclusion has been used historically against black inclusion. That fucking terrible human being from Ontario makes profits off of hate. The same f*cking week a HUMAN CHILD is killed for being trans, that self righteous b*tch (sorry for gendered insults I'm pretty angry right now) goes and talks about how a trans basketball player is hurting women by playing. YOU DONT GIVE A F*CK ABOUT WOMEN. You care about HATE and making a quick buck off of it.

You f*cking sicken me and you promote this kind of thing. There is no hell, but times like this I wish there was so you and Smith can spend eternity suffering.

Anyone who supports the Ontario lifter and is just as f*cked up as she is. Spend some time actually thinking about the people around you instead of just yourself.

May your generation die painfully and leave the youth to inherit a better world.

The post included eight videos where Andres lifts weights and shouts about April Hutchinson — whom he calls an unnamed Ontario lifter — as well as the comparison of transgenderism and the treatment of black people in Oklahoma and a trans-youth he alleges was “beaten to death” in an act of transphobia.

“There is a reason why CSIS has classified your people — and yeah, I mean your people — as terrorists. And that's because people like you are spreading the kind of bullshit that is getting children killed,” Andres screamed into the camera.

Oklahoma police and the medical examiner have released a statement that the Owasso, OK, trans-identifying teen referenced in Andres yelling soliloquy did not die as a result of trauma from a school fight.

Andres and Hutchinson have a history.

The Canadian Powerlifting Union initially suspended Hutchinson from competition for two years after she took to social media to complain about Andres mocking the female powerlifters he bested.

Upon appeal, her suspension was reduced to a year.

Andres still trains and competes as a woman.

Hutchinson told Rebel News she will not be intimidated and has filed a police report to document the death wishes with the Calgary Police Service.

April Hutchinson: Canadian Powerlifter & Female Sports Advocate. #KeepFemaleSportsFemale

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