Mandatory mask enforcement gets WEIRD in Melbourne

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From October 11, mandatory mask rules changed in Melbourne.

"Face shields, bandanas, or scarves or loose snoods, loose Buffs® or loose gaiters on their own will no longer be considered a sufficient face covering. " according to the DHHS website.

The new restrictions have police enforcing the most bizarre set of rules.

One lady, with an exemption, was forced to remove a bandana.

She told me they made her remove her face covering "because it's not good enough, but he prefers me to spread the deadly contagious virus."

We witnessed another man getting fined for wearing a fitted gaitor as per the new regulations.

Victoria recorded 0 new Coronavirus cases in the past 3 days and a rolling 14-day rolling average of 1.9 cases, in a population of 6.5million people.

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