Mandatory vaccines and passports against 'free society': U.K. Social Democrat leader

William Clouston, leader of the Social Democratic Party, is in favour of COVID vaccines, but believes government has no right to force them on citizens through mandates and passports.

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I caught up with William Clouston, the leader of the United Kingdom's Social Democratic Party, at the Battle of Ideas festival to discuss his opinion on vaccine passport and mandatory vaccine legislation.

Clouston has recently signed the Together declaration, a “nationwide alliance of campaign groups, business leaders, professionals, and citizens of the U.K.,” that are opposed to what they say is “the unnecessary authoritarian government response to COVID-19.”

As Clouston says, he believes that the government's attempt to legislate vaccine passports and mandates are illiberal and undemocratic. Watch and hear what he had to say on the matter.

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  • By Lewis Brackpool

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