Manitoba lockdown protester arrested again for Facebook post

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On August 5, there will be a CFL game held at the IG Field in Winnipeg. The stadium will be allowed to open at full capacity, which means there’s potential for a crowd of upwards of 30,000 people, but there’s a catch. Only those who have been fully vaccinated may gain entry — those who have decided not to get the COVID vaccine, or cannot get the vaccine, will presumably be stopped at the door.

This brings us to Patrick Allard. Previously, we covered his arrest after a warrant was issued due to alleged breaches of the Public Health Act. The warrant was in relation to Patrick being a freedom event organizer over previous months. In order to be released, Patrick was made to sign conditions, which brings us to the current situation.

On July 21, Patrick made a post about the upcoming CFL game on Facebook. He wrote, “there’s only two roads into the Winnipeg Blue Bombers stadium. I think we can block both with a rather small amount of people on August 5th ahead of their game.” As a follow up remark on Instagram, Patrick alluded to the notion that this could be a “super spreader event” and voiced his concerns for fellow Manitobans attending the game, as well as his concerns that the Bombers team is now seemingly in support of medical segregation.

This led to Patrick’s arrest shortly after his posts. A media release from the Winnipeg Police Service stated that this was due to Patrick “failing to comply with condition of release order.” The condition in question being for him not to plan any more gatherings, nor invite anyone to any gatherings, contrary to public health orders.

We are helping Patrick fight multiple tickets issued against him previously for breaching the Public Health Act, and we’re doing that through our portal at Don’t forget, if you yourself need help fighting against lockdown tickets and want to share your story, go to, and if we think we can help, we will provide top-notch legal assistance to stand by your side.

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