Matt Walsh schools ‘non-binaries’ on Dr. Phil

"You don’t get your own pronouns, just like you don’t get your own prepositions or your own adjectives," Walsh said.

Matt Walsh schools ‘non-binaries’ on Dr. Phil
The Daily Wire
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LGBT activists are upset over conservative commentator, children’s book author, and Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, who appeared on the Dr. Phil daytime talk show to debunk the “non-binary” narrative, which argues that gender is on a spectrum and that sex is a social construct.

During the show, Walsh shocked the mostly left-wing audience in responding to a woman who questioned his motives: “Part of me wants to ask why you care so much, because it’s really not that big of a deal,” said the woman.

“I’d love to answer that question,” Walsh replied. “I care about the truth. So, basic truth matters. I wanna live in a society where people care about the truth and we’re grounded in truth.”

“I care about children,” Walsh added, “and these insane ideas about gender are being [foisted] on kids, and that bothers me quite a bit. I care about the women who are having their opportunities stolen from them.”

Walsh, who wrote a children’s book called “Johnny the Walrus,” previously tackled the issue of transgenderism by telling the story about a young boy with a vivid imagination.

In the book, Johnny, the child, envisions him as many things, including a walrus. His mother, who is progressive, becomes pressured by her friends on social media to “transition” her child to live out his true identity as a walrus.

The most controversial segment of the show was when the conservative author challenged Dr. Phil’s other guests who pushed radical gender ideology. During the segment, Walsh questioned the concept of “preferred pronouns,” which the woke brigade compels everyone to conform to.

“You don’t get your own pronouns, just like you don’t get your own prepositions or your own adjectives,” Walsh said. “It’s like if I were to tell you, my adjectives are handsome and brilliant, and whenever you’re talking about me, you have to describe me as handsome and brilliant, because that’s how I identify.”

“[That] makes no sense,” he added. “You don’t get your own pronouns.”

The entire segment was shared on social media by Walsh following the episode, and quickly went viral.

Furthermore, Walsh put his critics on the spot when he demonstrated that the so-called gender experts failed to define the word “woman” or explain what they mean when they use the term.

During the confrontation between the author and the two “non-binary” guests, Walsh effectively dismantled the arguments put forth before him.

Following the episodes airing, the activists who challenged Walsh have taken to Instagram to complain about how the conservative commentator has given them “nightmares.”

As detailed by the Daily Wire, one of the activists, Addison, plastered a lengthy Instagram story accusing the Dr. Phil team of tricking Addison and the other activist, Ethan, to appear on the show under false pretenses.

The post also charges that their confrontation with Walsh gave them “nightmares” and triggered anxiety.

“About a month ago, Ethan and I were invited to be guests on the ‘Dr. Phil’ show to share our stories and discuss pronouns,” wrote Addison, who posts under the name “break the binary.”

“We were excited for the opportunity to educate in a safe space. What ended up happening was much different than they discussed with us. And we left feeling attacked by another guest and played by the producers.”

“Since the taping, Ethan and I have been experiencing a heightened level of anxiety to the point that we’ve had numerous nightmares and depression spirals over the last month,” the story continued, noting that “this week has been the worse [sic].”

“Please send us both good vibes today. We could really use it,” Addison concluded. “We tried our best with no preparation for what the ‘Dr. Phil’ show actually had planned behind our backs. And we hope our visibility inspires viewers.”

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