Maxime Bernier discusses his campaign trail assault

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“We will unite the people, under the umbrella of freedom!” cheered People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier this past Saturday at a ‘Mad Max’ campaign tour event.

The event took place outdoors, in the pouring rain, at Vancouver's Jack Poole Plaza. Despite the unfavourable weather, hundreds more showed up to hear from Bernier and local PPC candidates as compared to any of the prime minister's recent Lower Mainland campaign events.

Despite the public interest, there was not a single mainstream media journalist in sight.

In this full report I interview several of the local PPC candidates, who, similarly to Bernier not being invited to participate in the federal leaders' debates, are reporting being excluded from local debates in their ridings. I also speak to Bernier to ask about his party’s stance on the environment, freedom-minded Canadians who believe taking a stand against our increasingly totalitarian government means not voting, and about his recent assault.

That’s right — it wasn’t just Trudeau who had something hucked at him on the campaign trail. Bernier had a cowardly citizen ask to pose with him in a picture, just before surprising Bernier by smashing an egg on his head.

I wonder if Conservative leader Erin O’Toole will come to Bernier’s rescue with a public statement condemning such an action, like he did for Trudeau.

Rebel News has had our boots on the ground across Canada during this election, in order to bring you coverage you won’t receive from state-paid media. We even had to sue our way into the federal debate, so that we could ask real questions to which Canadians deserve answers.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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