McKenna's Enviro office expensed more than $100,000 on Ottawa taxis

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Today's exclusive comes to us by way of an order paper question asked by NDP MP for Edmonton Strathcona Heather McPherson 

She asked:  

With regard to ministers' office expenses in the National Capital Region: (a) what was the total amount spent on taxis by each ministers' office for each fiscal year since 2015-2016, including the current fiscal years; (b) how many employees at each minister's office have access to taxi vouchers;  (c) what is the overtime cost of each minister's driver for each fiscal year since 2015-16, including the current fiscal year; (d) what was the total amount spent on Uber for each minister's office for each fiscal year since 2015-16, including the current fiscal year; and (e) how many employees at each minister's office have access to Uber vouchers?

Would you be surprised to hear that Catherine McKenna, the former Minister for the Environment and Climate Change likes to save on greenhouse gases... except when she is heading the ministry with the most amount of tax dollars spent on taxi and Uber use?  

Let me show you.

Environment spent over $143,000 on taxis — under McKenna mostly — the new Minister Jonathan Wilkinson would only be the last part of the 2019-2020 numbers.  

Wilkinson is responsible for just a little over $30,000 of $143,000 spent on taxis.  

Way to fight climate change!

Were all the cabs to carry her 24 person social media team to follow her around and take pictures of her? Did you know that? We broke that story ages ago. McKenna regularly has around two dozen people involved in vetting the gaffe prone twitter account of the Minister. And still, so many gaffes.  

Why are these people taking taxis and Ubers in the National Capital Region at all?

In 2018, we reported that McKenna had the government create an expensive private shuttle bus system for her bureaucrats:

The bus scheme is two shuttles, operating for nine and a half hours per day on an ongoing basis. One van and one larger 15 passenger van, with the fuel paid by Environment and Climate Change Canada. The vans run every 10 minutes between two Gatineau addresses, whether there are people in them or not, for 251 days per year. 

And these taxis and Ubers are in addition to McKenna’s thousands of kilometres in mileage on her ministerial limo that they won't tell us about.

Did you know that? Despite the records absolutely existing for vehicle maintenance and driver man hours purposes, and despite most other ministries keeping these records and turning them over when we ask for them, McKenna’s ministry says her records do not exist at all.

Yeah right. And Trudeau only did black face three times. 

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  • By Ezra Levant

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