Meet a former teacher who's fighting back against woke educrats

Chanel Pfahl, a former teacher who's now fighting back against the woke educrats pushing radical indoctrination on children, joins Ezra Levant from the Canada Strong & Free conference.

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Last year, the gubernatorial race in Virginia became heavily focused on education issues after a father was kicked out of a school board meeting for criticizing the school's transgender bathroom policies, which he says led to his daughter being sexually assaulted.

The result was a stunning victory for Republican Glen Youngkin, flipping the solidly Democrat state.

In Canada, we've started to see parents and educators fighting back against similar woke policies infecting our schools. One such activist is Chanel Pfahl, who joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Now a former teacher, Chanel has gotten involved in fighting to get this radical indoctrination out of Canadian classrooms. Her desire to see students judged on ability and merit, not their skin colour, landed her in hot water after a fellow teacher complained about a post in a private Facebook group.

What controversial statement did Chanel make? As she told Ezra, all her statement simply said was:

Kids should not be indoctrinated with critical race theory, schools should be non-partisan and teachers should model kindness to everyone and speak out against every form of discrimination they see, including discrimination against white people which comes from the "anti-racist" movement, because the anti-racists want us to believe that whites are inherently racist and they're permanently guilty of some kind of sin.

For more from Chanel Pfahl, be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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