Kissing in the Metaverse now possible with new tech

Online dating might be getting a lot more weird in the near future.

Kissing in the Metaverse now possible with new tech
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As if the Metaverse weren’t creepy enough, scientists have now developed a technology that allows users in the virtual world to kiss each other.

The device, which uses haptic feedback to provide a sensation to the mouth lips and tongue, was developed by adding special ultrasonic transducers to a VR headset, according to a report from The Sun.

Although the Metaverse focuses on visual, sound and hand controls, this technology can simulate vibrations in and around your mouth that are associated with activities such as drinking water from a fountain, having a coffee, brushing your teeth and even smoking a cigarette.

Experts have yet to demonstrate how the technology can be used for kissing, but suspect it may become popular among virtual lovers.

Instead, the scientists demonstrated the technology using a scenario with a haunted house and the sensation of spiders crawling and jumping on the testers faces.

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania claim that “haptics boost realism and immersion, and heightens user reactions.”

Although the developers demonstrated a range of haptic effects, the sensations are still limited compared to real-world sensations and are more comparable to the vibration motors in a handheld video game controller or a mobile phone.

They predict that augmented and virtual reality systems must strive for more realism and more work needs to be done to expand on this work.

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