Migrant workers in P.E.I. demand the right to stay in Canada

Changes in Prince Edward Island's immigration policy have sparked protests by foreign workers in Charlottetown, who are demanding that the government extend post-graduate work permits.

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Migrant workers protesting are warning of hunger strikes, until they starve to death, if their demands are not met.

Prince Edward Island is prioritizing work permits for high-demand sectors. People working in the sales and service sectors are not likely to have their work permits extended.

The protesters are on post-graduate work permits, meaning that they studied in Canada and are permitted to work for a certain period. Many of them will have their work permits expire in the next few months.

The workers stated that having full-time employment in P.E.I. for a period of six months allows them to apply for permanent residency.

Some Canadians, however, argue that immigrant workers have no right to demand the extension. A former international student from India who now resides in Canada spoke out against the protesters and their demands.

He detailed how immigration agents and institutions are profiting from the surge of people coming to study and eventually work in Canada. He believes that many of the people coming to Canada are exploiting the system to gain permanent residency quicker.

Similar protests in Manitoba led to the government extending work permits. Prince Edward Island has yet to respond to the protesters' demands, and, as of now, the rules remain in place.

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