Miss Understood No. 43 – China's White Paper Revolution

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In Episode No. 43 of Miss Understood, we attempt to keep the Balenciaga saga alive. Let’s not forget about the BDSM-inspired teddy bear campaign featuring children and the Adidas collaboration campaign, including the Supreme Court ruling about child pornography laws in the United States.

First, we unpack the fact that it is dropping its $25 million lawsuit against the marketing agency behind the ill-conceived campaigns.

Strangely, the CEO of Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering’s, owns an auction house that sells child sex mannequins, so we react to that and offer our response to Balenciaga’s creative director getting off scot-free for the pedophilic content in its recent ad campaign.

It wouldn’t be an episode about Balenciaga without mentioning the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kylie Jenner denied ‘covering up’ for Balenciaga in a new Instagram post while, you guessed it, wearing Balenciaga.

To our surprise, Kim Kardashian seems to have “re-evaluated” her relationship with the brand, opting out of a 2023 campaign with them and looking to other designers to dress her — hopefully, this isn’t just optics, and she kicks Balenciaga to the curb for good.

Plus, people in China are revolting against the Communist regime's COVID-zero policies, which separates all infected people from non-infected people, including children from their parents!

We discuss the fire that ignited Chinese demonstrators across the country to protest the strict COVID policies, and the danger these acts of civil disobedience put them in.

Naturally, our “freedom-loving” prime minister, Justin Trudeau, simply had to weigh in. So, we unpack what is happening in China, drawing parallels to the Freedom Convoy in Canada last winter.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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