Miss Understood No. 35 — Feminists Lied, Femininity Died

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In Episode No. 35 of Miss Understood, we address all the lies women are sold.

Meghan Trainor recently got candid about anti-depressants causing her newborn baby to go to the NICU, so we address the lack of informed consent medical professionals provide for women when they are most vulnerable.

We saw this abuse of power by people in positions of authority time and time again throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, even though data is now coming out about the potential dangers the vaccine poses to women. For example, a new study was published recently stating that women should be cautious when breastfeeding their six-months and under babies for 48 hours post-vaccination, even though we were all told that the vaccines were safe and effective by the “experts.”

Additionally, women were gaslit by the mainstream media for coming forward about changes in menstruation after getting the vaccine. And now, one year later, the media is confirming their claims.

Women are also sold lies about the potential dangers of birth control, which, despite being referred to as “hormonal birth control,” does not contain an ounce of natural hormones and can cause an array of health issues.

We are also constantly directed to look to the rich and famous for skincare advice, who pretend their perfect skin is owed to hydration and a healthy diet. But, let’s be honest, these women have endless access to the best in the skincare business, not to mention plastic surgery. But sure, love yourself more — buy Kim Kardashian’s new skincare line, and you’ll finally be happy!

We also address the lie that women can have it all. Sorry ladies, you can’t beat your biological clock — unless you’re incredibly wealthy and can afford to freeze your eggs for $10,000! But, once again, feminists want us to believe that we can wait until it's convenient to have a baby, and everything will magically work out.

Finally, now that anyone can self-declare that they are a woman, we are being rendered obsolete, and we must make peace with it — or else! So, if you’re uncomfortable with a female-identifying biological male sharing a changeroom with you, congratulations on becoming a bigot.

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