MMA world champion Jake Shields on cancel culture, trans athletes & 'health' officials

Professional fighter Jake Shields gives his take on the woke ideologies plaguing society, biological males competing in female sports and unhealthy bureaucrats preaching public health to the masses.

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I was honoured to be joined by Jake Shields, a 5x mixed martial arts world champion and former UFC fighter who tangled with the likes of Georges St-Pierre in the octagon, and is now fighting a different kind of battle by taking on the cancel culture and woke progressivism that are running rampant in society these days.

We chatted about efforts to ‘cancel’ anyone who dares question mainstream narratives, like fellow MMA legend turned actress Gina Carano. She was fired by Disney for adding boop/bop/beep to her Twitter profile after being pressured to include her pronouns and for daring to share an arguably contentious posts which seemingly juxtaposed the divisive propaganda of Nazi Germany with the political divisions in modern society.

We also discussed the mainstream media's disconnect from reality, with even sports media seemingly now buying in to woke politics. While sports news pundits, even in MMA, hopped on the Carano bashing bandwagon, Shields says that the MMA community was almost entirely in Carano’s corner.

Another issue that he said the MMA world is almost entirely in agreement on is the utter inappropriateness of biologically male athletes like Fallon Fox, who beat a female fight so badly that she cracked her skull, participating in women’s MMA despite evident biological advantages.

We also got into the sudden spike in deaths among athletes around the world that many suggest are occurring as a result of COVID-19 vaccinations and looked at some of the so-called health experts that are telling us how to live our lives despite being wildly unhealthy, often both physically and mentally themselves.

Shields also filled us in on his motivations to get out of the increasingly socialist state of California and the relative freedom he is now enjoying as a resident of Las Vegas.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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