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MONTAGE: Justin Trudeau's divisive rhetoric

When he was elected as prime minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised to deliver a more open, welcoming government.

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During the leadup to his 2015 election victory, Justin Trudeau channelled another former Liberal prime minister, Sir Wilfried Laurier, borrowing his message of “sunny ways”.

The slogan was such a staple in Trudeau's campaign that now, nearly seven years later, remnants of that message can still be found on the Liberal Party's website.

While more than 120 years have passed, Prime Minister Trudeau shares Laurier’s belief that the ‘sunny way’ remains essential to solving the complex problems facing our country,” the January 2016 blog post reads.

In the time since that post was published, does it seem like Trudeau still “shares Laurier's belief” that governing with warmth and kindness is more effective than ruling with bluster and divisiveness? 

Watch the montage we've compiled above: are sunny ways still on the horizon? Maybe it's just two more weeks until Trudeau starts governing as he promised.

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