One month in, and the prosecution's case against Tamara Lich is still weak tea

Robert Kraychik joined Ezra Levant to discuss the ins and outs of the trial that is still underway in Ottawa.

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On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Robert Kraychik, who has been covering the trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber in Ottawa. The trial of the two freedom convoy leaders has now been underway for more than a month. 

As two of the most prominent faces of the Freedom Convoy, Lich and co-accused Chris Barber are facing charges of mischief, obstructing police, counselling others to commit mischief, and intimidation.

Robert and Ezra discussed how the prosecution is still struggling to build a case against the defendants. Earlier on, Ezra had thought he would cover more the trial, but one day in court realized some of the witnesses being called weren't even able to provide firsthand evidence related to Lich and Barber.

"When I was there, I listened to a witness for the entire day who, very early in his testimony, admitted he had never met Tamara Lich, never spoken to my nature, never seen her, emailed phone, met nothing, had no firsthand information, which is what a witness is called to do," Ezra said. 

"I thought, I don't need to listen to an amateur pundit whine about, you know, horn honking for a day. What's that got to do with the guilt or innocence of Tamara Lich?"

To see all of Robert's reporting on the trial, please visit

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