MP questions Trudeau's private COVID hotel stay after reports of sexual assault in detention

MP questions Trudeau's private COVID hotel stay after reports of sexual assault in detention
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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Justin Trudeau's appointee in charge of the country's select COVID quarantine hotels was unable to answer a question on allegations of sexual assaults occurring at these facilities, in light of the news that the prime minister will soon check into an Ottawa hotel of his own government's choosing.

Iain Stewart, President of the Public Health Agency of Canada, blamed the structure of Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner's question on his inability to answer during an exchange earlier this week.

Air travellers to Canada may only enter through Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal, and must stay at a predetermined, government-approved hotel on arrival in one of those four cities.

However, Trudeau, along with his delegation and approved media, will spend their quarantine at an undisclosed hotel in Ottawa after returning from an upcoming trip to the United Kingdom for a G7 leaders summit.

Rempel Garner highlighted the reports of sexual assaults on women in COVID quarantine, and asked if the safety concerns of those women were greater or less than Trudeau's.

You can read the full exchange for yourself:

Rempel Garner: “[Do] you think that the Prime Minister's security concerns are greater than the women who are allegedly sexually assaulted at the hotel quarantine program?”

Stewart: “Which women are you referring to?”

Rempel Garner: “There were reports of sexual assault occurring at one hotel, so I'm just wondering [if] you deem their security concerns greater or less than the prime minister's.

Stewart: “That's a designated quarantine facility. There were no such sexual assaults of the nature you're describing, alleged, to my knowledge... there was a newspaper story...”

Rempel Garner: “I feel like you're gaslighting us...”

Stewart: “That was a newspaper story about a designated quarantine facility, is what I'm trying to say, which is a different category...”

Rempel Garner: “A quarantine hotel.”

Stewart: “Not a quarantine hotel, it's a designated quarantine facility.”

Rempel Garner: “Again, so a woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted at [a] quarantine hotel run by the federal government — would her security concerns be greater or less than the prime minister's?

Stewart: “I wouldn't know how to being to answer a question structured that way, but thank you...”

Rempel Garner: “And I think that's the problem.”

Rebel News is suing the Trudeau government over unconstitutional COVID jails.

It's not just to get justice for ourselves — we are applying to a federal judge to strike down this illegal and shameful COVID hotel program nationwide.

To learn more and to help us fight back in court, please visit

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