National Firearms Association leaders condemn Trudeau's latest gun-grab schemes

'The Liberals are also recreating the Firearms Advisory Board,' said Rick Igercich, President of the National Firearms Association.

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Rick Igercich and Dwayne Gorniak of the National Firearms Association joined Sheila to discuss Justin Trudeau's latest gun-grab schemes.

Bill C-21, the Liberals' most recent attack on the law-abiding firearms community in Canada, went to second reading in the Senate at the end of May.

The law, which ends private handgun ownership in Canada by grandfathering out existing ownership and freezing new sales and transfers, was broadened through last-minute amendments to include thousands of popular models of shotguns and rifles.

As stated by Mr. Igercich, "It is actually in second reading in the Senate, the Liberals are trying to fast-track it through Parliament as fast as they can. They want to get this done before Summer break."

"So it is in the Senate, it is in second reading, we have applied to give evidence to the Senate, we haven't got a response yet. With a Liberal-leaning Senate I don't know if we'll have a chance to give a statement. I'm hoping that we do, they need to hear from the firearms community," added Mr. Igercich.

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