(WATCH) Neil Oliver: I'm convinced I’m living through a waking Covid nightmare that keeps getting worse

“I have said, and many others — though frankly, not nearly enough others — have said we have no data about the long-term consequences of these injections.”

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Neil Oliver of GB News delivers his latest monologue on the loss of trust in politicians and doctors.

“Every day I am awash with emotions. Despair, anger, anxiety, disbelief. Increasingly part of that mix is betrayal. I struggle to believe I spent nearly 54 years trusting all manner of figures.

“I had little time for politicians as a species, showbiz for ugly people and all that — but I grudgingly accepted they were people keen to serve the public, and who had crucially my best interests at heart.

“I don't think that anymore, not at all much more than I trusted government. I trusted doctors, all doctors. I'm sorry to say it, but I don't trust all doctors anymore either.”

Fight Vaccine Passports is a new project by Rebel News to help Canadian families who are being forced against their will to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Find out more by visiting FightVaccinePassports.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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