INTERVIEW: Dutch dairy farmer explains the impact of government's radical green agenda

A fifth generation Dutch farmer expresses his concerns about the current situation in the Netherlands due to Prime Minister Mark Rutte's overarching environmental policies: 'They need the land from the farmers, that's the cheapest way.'

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In this report, I speak to a fifth generation dairy farmer who is concerned with the overreach by the Dutch government implementing radical green policies.

After a brief introduction with the farmer, I asked if he really thinks these policies are about climate change or whether there is another agenda at play? What does he say to city people who say farmers should just go vegan? And what does he think will happen if the farmers' demands are not met?

As you are aware, protests by farmers are underway across the Netherlands. In fact, these protests have been going on since 2019, when the Dutch government declared a nitrogen emission crisis, meaning that farmers would have to cut livestock by up to 50%. Emission caps mean that the farmers have to reduce fertilizer usage. There is also a continued worry of farmers having to give up their land to the state.

Fast forward to 2022 and the situation has escalated — the protests have grown substantially, with the government not backing down on their push towards the agenda's 2030 goals. The farmers are continuing to rally to show their discontent for the Dutch government and the World Economic Forum-pushed blueprints.

Therefore, for just a brief period of time, Rebel News headed back to the Netherlands to scope out the current situation with the farmers, and to see if tensions are still at a boiling point.

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