NYC residents react to migrants being housed in hotels on the taxpayer dime

The border between Mexico and the USA is out of control as thousands of migrants are reportedly crossing illegally every day.

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Joe Biden recently lifted Title 42, which was one of the main tools used by the authorities to remove illegal migrants from the country. Now this political tool is being replaced by Title 8. Joe Biden admitted that the transition will be chaotic for a while — and at what cost?

New York is now facing the arrival of multiple busses full of migrants every day. The city, because of a lack of lodging, is housing them in big hotels on the taxpayer dime.  

Facing the influx of migrants and a huge economic cost, Eric Adams went to court to ask a judge to revisit NYC's sanctuary city status.  

While the city is trying to solve the situation, the crisis is now extremely expensive for the taxpayers. 

There are more people in shelters, and more people asking for resources like food and services. 

“They're obviously desperate to find someplace different. But I don't know that we can help them because we have a lot of desperate people here,” said a concerned citizen of New York.

“They're in big hotels, but I don't know that it's comfortable for them. I don't know what the conditions are, but I know that there are a lot of people who are born and raised in this country who need help, who aren't getting it.”

“I think that this policy of letting people in is ruining this country,” mentioned an immigration attorney who works to help people to remain in the USA. He also expressed that with every new immigrant, he feels that it's like a little nail into the coffin of the United States of America.

Residents of New York really feel concerned about the situation currently taking place in their city. They are aware that the situation will possibly get worse.

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