90% of Ottawa restaurants CLOSED this weekend — and they missed a jackpot!

Apparently, the people running these restaurants believed the narrative that the demonstrators were prone to vandalism and violence.

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You would think that when 100,000+ people descend upon a city’s downtown core for a multi-week demonstration, those in the foodservice business would be jumping for joy. All those hungry and thirsty people will surely be seeking refreshments. It’s a bona fide bonanza for those in the foodservice biz.

However, we couldn’t help but notice that about 90% of the restaurants, pubs and other types of eateries in downtown Ottawa were closed during the Freedom Convoy gathering.

But why?

Apparently, the people running these restaurants actually believe the narrative being spun by those in government and mainstream media: that the people taking part in these demonstrations are “deplorables” who are prone to vandalism and violence.

Of course, that narrative is equal parts propaganda and nonsense.

What is occurring in Ottawa is the very definition of a peaceful protest. And despite the frigid weather, there is a feel-good vibe in the air.

Oh, and the handful of restaurants that are not shuttered? Business has never been better. Lineups of customers literally stretch out the doors. And guess what? There has been no reports of barbarism erupting.

What a missed opportunity for those other restaurants that remain in lockdown mode.

Funny that: over the past two years, governments have forced businesses (including restaurants) to shutdown; now that these places can open up, it is a bogus fear factor that is making restaurateurs lock the doors. Sad.

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