“No details” on COVID vaccine uptake among Nova Scotia's Temporary Foreign Workers

“No details” on COVID vaccine uptake among Nova Scotia's Temporary Foreign Workers
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Nova Scotia's chief medical officer of health told media today that while he did not have details on the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among the population of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW), the province has a “relationship” with an unnamed third party organization that can help migrant workers access a second dose.

The comments were made by Dr. Robert Strang in reply to a Radio-Canada reporter who asked directly if “temporary foreign workers [were] prioritized in the early stages of the vaccination campaign in Nova Scotia.”

“Yes, they were”, replied Strang, who went on to offer more detail and walk back his definition of “priority”:

We made specific efforts to work with our agriculture colleagues, and specific farms [with] temporary foreign workers, to make arrangements to have those... individuals get access... through one of our, their... community clinic... or a pharmacy that was closest to them.

I don't have the details on what the uptake has been, but we certainly made them — not a priority, but we made sure that they had the necessary access to get vaccinated.

When asked about providing mobile clinics to migrant workers, Strang gave the following answer:

We have a relationship with a... third party organization, as well as the farms and the Department of Agriculture, so we know where the temporary foreign workers are located, we know the farms, and we can certainly work with those farms to make sure that the workers get access to the second dose.

Last week, Strang admitted that COVID-19 vaccines are “not 100 per cent effective,” and that even after receiving two doses, “some people may die.”

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