NSW Health to finally scrap COVID vaccine mandate

State authority is set to scrap its controversial COVID-19 vaccine mandate for workers.

NSW Health to finally scrap COVID vaccine mandate
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NSW Health is poised to eliminate its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees this week, marking a significant change in policy that has been in effect for three years.

Initially claimed to ensure the safety of workers and patients, the mandate has been subject to ongoing review, with Health Minister Ryan Park signalling a shift towards 'returning to normalcy.'

Ben Fordham of 2GB revealed on his show that discussions between stakeholders, including staff, unions, and local health districts, have culminated in the decision to finally rescind the mandate.

According to a letter obtained by Fordham, an amended vaccination policy is set to be published on May 16, 2024, indicating that vaccination will be recommended rather than required for NSW Health workers and recruits.

This move follows intense scrutiny of the mandate, with former paramedic John Larter asserting that it represented a misuse of power and negatively impacted health services.

The decision by NSW Health mirrors a global trend, with South Australia Health also considering the possibility of dropping its vaccine mandates.

The announcement comes in the wake of AstraZeneca discontinuing its COVID-19 vaccine due to serious health concerns, including the induction of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome in some recipients.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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