Nurse FIRED and facing potential $20k in charges for 'organizing a protest'

Leah Frost, a nurse in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., was fired from her job and issued a pair of summonses from police, with the threat of a combined $20,000 in fines, after speaking at a protest that police claim she organized.

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Leah Frost is a nurse in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario who was issued two summons amounting to what could be a $20,000 fine, a sum that would financially cripple the average Canadian.

On top of that, she was let go from her job simply for speaking up against the atrocities she saw before her very eyes. Leah is even facing the potential of losing her new job, this time for not taking government-mandated injections.

As a nurse, Leah was asked to speak at an event local to Sault Ste. Marie. There, she spoke about the health-care perspective of the pandemic. On her way home, she was given a $10,000 summons.

Turns out, this charge wasn't for speaking at the event, it was for her allegedly being an organizer of the previous event — something Leah was shocked to find out, as she says she is not an organizer.

The second summons came a week after, yet again for being an organizer. Leah was given the same summons, with the two potential fines reaching $20,000, enough to ruin most Canadians' finances.

But was there for Leah, and provided her with free legal support in her time of need.

In this interview, we hear from Leah exactly how she got those two $10,000 summons. Then, we hear from Jenna Little, the paralegal overseeing all Ontario Fight The Fines cases, about how The Democracy Fund is taking the government to task with this civil liberties initiative.

In a separate video soon to come, we will highlight the last portion of Leah's conversation with Rebel News — this time focusing on vaccines.

From hero to zero is exactly how our politicians have been treating our frontline workers. Now, after almost two years of being in the trenches, they emerge as a roadblock for the state.

After all, the government would have a difficult time persuading the population to get the jab if our doctors and nurses, those with the utmost knowledge of vaccines, will not take these new injections themselves.

From our conversation with Jenna Little, it seems this legal battle will end up in Charter territory. 

If you're in-line with Leah Frost, you may feel inclined to visit 

There, you can see other stories like Leah's, stories of Canadians who are facing the wrath of medically inept bureaucrats. You can also make a donation, which, through The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, is eligible for a tax receipt. Your dollars and cents can be turned into top-notch legal defence, not only for Leah, but for thousands of other Canadians battling against overreaching bureaucrats.

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