Ontario Children’s Hospital promotes chemical castration drug for gender transitioning minors

It appears that the slippery slope to gender affirming therapies for our youngest demographics continues as dogmatists partner with children’s hospitals to promote life-altering medical procedures.

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Recently, a letter was shared on Twitter that came from a children’s hospital in London, Ontario that is part of the London Health Sciences Centre. The letterhead included a partnership organization called Gender Pathways Service (GPS) — a service whose byline reads that they’re helping youth navigate their future.

Apparently it’s a future with a high risk of fertility impairment and/or sterility.

The letter includes and outlines information “puberty blockers that can be started prior to their initial appointment.” The information sheet provided is Lupron Depot®.

When I set out searching for the full document, it wasn’t immediately available. A Google search revealed a previous partnership with Gender Pathways and London Children’s Hospital about an online webinar hosted in April of 2021.

In that webinar, one can see GPS started in 2016 and since that time have more than quadrupled their referrals.

Describing themselves as a “multi-disciplinary service within the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology,” (the study of hormones) they cite a Trans Youth CAN study. It found that of the youth they served, 82% of them were females and 92% of those females identified as males. That pales in comparison to the 18% of males seeking the same services.

They list the average age that youth realized their gender was different from their “assigned” gender, which they state as nine years old!

By age 12, youth began living in their gender dysphoric affirmation. Within a year, at age 13, they would be referred to a gender clinic with their first medical appointment beginning a mere few months to a year later, at an average age of 14.

A link to the full document popped up through South West Primary Care Alliance, a primary care sector in southwestern Ontario. They do their work in partnership with the South West Local Integrated Health Network which has a laundry list of bureaucrats on the Sunshine List — 100 to be exact, for a combined payroll of almost $43 million a year in salaries. In case you’re wondering who the people are at the top heavy segments of Ontario’s healthcare system.

Parts of the full document reads:

Welcome to the Gender Pathways Service (GPS) at Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. We are a small group of health professionals providing consultation, education, medical and psychosocial support to youth and families who are questioning gender identity.

The short information sheet points out a few concerns such as:

The potential release of hormones after the first injection, leading to a mild advancement of puberty. This may lead to spot bleeding or a period. After the second injection, hormone production should be completely shut down. Families should be in touch with their health care provider if the child experiences continued bleeding.

After this brief page, there is the informed consent form.

The first two paragraphs say:

I am receiving treatment for gender dysphoria. I understand that this means that, although I am genetically and biologically female, I think of myself as a male. I want to receive treatment that will stop further female puberty, so that I can continue with counseling without the worry of permanent body changes happening out of my control.

Depending on how far along my puberty is when I start Lupron Depot®, it may prevent further development of female body characteristics, such as breasts and broad hips, that are difficult or impossible to reverse. Menstrual periods won’t begin or continue while I’m taking Lupron Depot®. However, Lupron Depot® will not change my genetic sex (chromosomes), nor will it change my internal reproductive structures (ovaries, uterus, and vagina).

In the third paragraph they confirm:

“The long-term effects are not fully known. It has been explained to me that my doctors are suggesting and prescribing Lupron Depot® because they believe that this will allow me more time to explore my gender and other developmental issues.

The fourth paragraph continues:

Therefore, my treatment will include counseling to help me understand all possible results and consequences of going all the way through a full physical change, called “transition”, from female to male so that my sex would match my gender identity (my sense of myself) as a male. This could eventually include testosterone therapy to cause male body changes and sex-reassignment surgery to remove or reshape my internal and external female reproductive structures. Taking Lupron Depot® now does not mean that I will eventually want, need, or have testosterone therapy and/or surgery. The decision to start testosterone therapy will be made jointly between me, my parents or caregivers, and my medical doctors and counselors. Sex-reassignment surgery has to be discussed in detail when I am further along in my transition (usually after 18 years of age), and final decisions can only be made after I have been living continuously for a period of time in the gender role that fits with my gender identity as a male.

Next up are the possible short and long term considerations and risks of Lupron, of which there are 12 points.

It says that the drug is not generally started in youth until their gender dysphoria has emerged or worsened with the earliest signs of puberty (called Tanner stage 2).

In biological females, this means breast budding, which usually starts around the age of nine. As well, any co-existing psychological, medical or social problems that could interfere with treatment must have been addressed prior to starting.

Except that in Canada, refusing to gender affirm is actually a criminal offence now subject to gag orders and jail time, so how true can that be?

There can be pain at the injection site, you need bloodwork done every three to six months to monitor hormone levels, it stops menstruation which can cause vaginal dryness and reduce ones sex drive.

That’s right, because Lupron, also called Leuprolide is also used to for chemical castration.

In this City News article, a convicted pedophile utilized such drugs to suppress his desires in hopes of getting a lighter sentence. The article explains:

Lupron and other such drugs function by stimulating the pituitary gland to release a hormone that triggers testosterone production, causing it to surge. With continuous stimulation, receptors in the pituitary eventually become desensitized and testosterone levels drop to castration levels. The same phenomenon occurs when treatment is abruptly cut off, hence the need for gradual weaning.

Possible side-effects include feminization, depression and bone density loss, Apparently, The effects on bone density are the “biggest concern,” given that most patients have to pursue the treatment over long periods.

The rest of the “short and long term considerations and risks” basically allude to the fact that puberty blocking affects and impairs fertility as well as bone density loss and decreased calcium uptake will reverse once the drug is stopped. But then it clearly says in point #11 that there may be long-term side-effects of Lupron Depot® that are not yet known so how true can that be?

Not to mention, this drug was recently given an FDA warning.

As published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on July 1, the new warning includes recommendations to monitor patients taking hormone replacement drugs for signs and symptoms of pseudotumor cerebri — a brain condition that causes the same symptoms as a brain tumour.

All of this is happening while places like Boston’s Children’s Hospital are offer gender reaffirming hysterectomies to minors.

Does this sound like child endangerment to anyone else?

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