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Ontario Liberals plan to bring back Grade 13

According to the Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca, Grade 13 could be implemented as early as September 2022 and would cost taxpayers $195 million over four years.

Ontario Liberals plan to bring back grade 13
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With the 2022 Ontario Provincial election gearing up, one of the promises proposed by the Liberals is bringing back Grade 13.

According to BlogTO, Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca revealed that kids in Grade 12 “aren’t ready for college or university,” primarily because of the pandemic restrictions and school closures they have faced for the last two years.

In a press release, Del Duca stated "giving those kids the choice of attending Grade 13 will make sure they’re prepared to take the next big step in their lives."

Grade 13 would be optional for students and is proposed to be fully funded by the provincial government. Some of the classes offered would be financial literacy, mental health, and civic engagement.

There seems to be a lot of support for this idea because some Ontarians agree that at only 17 or 18 years old, kids cannot make major decisions about their future. Of course, when it comes to taking an experimental vaccine at such a young age, kids are perfectly capable of deciding.

According to Del Duca, Grade 13 could be implemented as early as September 2022 and would cost taxpayers $195 million over four years, after which the government would review to see if it should become a permanent part of Ontario’s education system.

Grade 13 was standard in Ontario until the late 1980s and was phased out in 2003 because of financial pressure.

Del Luca and the Liberals also intend to hire 10,000 new teachers, 5,000 additional special education teachers, and 1,000 mental health professionals, limit class sizes to 20 students, build 200 new schools, and repair over 4,500 others. I wonder how much that is going to cost taxpayers.

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