Ontario nurses protest over pay and increased stress due to Covid-19

How’s this for a solution: rehire those nurses who were suspended without pay for refusing to get jabbed?

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As the leaders of the various provincial parties were getting set to debate inside a TV Ontario studio last Monday, outside the broadcast facility about 100 nurses staged a demonstration against the incumbent Progressive Conservative government (the go-to chant being “ABD – Anybody But Doug” as in Premier Doug Ford.)

We interviewed some nurses regarding their bone of contention. And it basically boiled down two factors. First, during the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses received only a 1% salary increase. Secondly, the workplace stress level during this time period dramatically increased thanks to a deluge of COVID-19 patients.

Our follow-up question – and we think it was indeed a fair one – was simply this: would the stress situation in Ontario healthcare facilities be reduced if those nurses refusing to get vaccinated had not been suspended?

Alas, it was somewhat jolting that a nurse who was eavesdropping on the discussion tried to kill the interview by stating, inexplicably, “We’re done here.”

Excuse me?

Sorry, but if nurses are complaining that staff shortages in hospitals are resulting in an uber-stressful work environment, the suspension of their un-jabbed colleagues is an entirely relevant factor.

And how odd that the current slogan in the news cycle these days vis-à-vis the abortion debate – namely, “my body, my choice” – does not apply to those individuals who do not want to get jabbed with an experimental vaccine?

In any event, the interview continued despite the rude interruption of the COVID-Karen, an individual who wanted to embrace cancel culture as opposed to having an honest discussion.

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