Ontario's key vaccine passport adviser resigns, leaves Canada

A week after Rebel News reported on his connections to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Peter Jüni announced he's taking a job at Oxford University in England.

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The media continues to amplify the “experts” at the Ontario Science Table (OST) without disclosing their declared conflicts of interest. Those same experts lobby and advise the Ontario government on pandemic policy unchecked. Oddly enough, a mere week after I reported on the directors’ conflicts, he announced his resignation from the OST and subsequent plans to leave the country.

In a report that I did that went out on March 7, 2022 outlining Dr. Peter Jüni, the scientific director of the OST and his conflicts of interest, I highlighted his connections to the medical biotechnology space and pharmaceutical industries.

These connections appear mostly in the form of grants and funding contributions to his employer, St. Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto, which fall under the umbrella of Unity Health Toronto. Dr. Jüni is paid around $300,000 dollars a year by this institution.

Shortly after my report went live, it was brought to my attention that while Dr. Jüni is a qualified epidemiologist, he has a lackluster resume when it comes to vaccine advice.

On February 8, Dr. Byram Bridle, a highly-credentialed vaccinologist and viral immunologist, published this post on his Substack.

The basis of the article is that both Dr. Bridle and Dr. Jüni were expert witnesses — on opposite sides of the courtroom — for an injunction sought by health-care workers wishing to strike down heavy-handed vaccine mandates by their employers.

The public record legal documents were submitted November 13, 2021. Dr. Bridle provided a 323-page report, to which Dr. Jüni responded with a double spaced 10-page report.

And no where in the document does Jüni declare his conflicts of interest.

In point number five, Jüni notes that “regular Ontario Science Table members do not receive compensation for sitting at this table. Where in my function as scientific director of the advisory table, am seconded and receive financial compensation through the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.”

That’s the same Dalla Lana School of Public Health has “strong existing relationships with international organizations like the World Bank, the World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization.”

Jüni's response affidavit is seven pages of his opinion with little scientific evidence, and the last three-and-a-half pages are basically just a bunch of his unfounded opinions on why Dr. Bridle is wrong. On eight separate instances, Dr. Juni repeats that Dr. Bridle’s statements are “at odds with the international scientific consensus,” as though that’s some sort of status quo instead of sound science or evidence-based decision making.

Dr. Bridle responded to this document with a 23-page report and he questions Dr. Jüni's expertise on the topic of discussion. Dr. Bridle says that he “questions Dr. Jüni's ability to critique complex mechanisms underpinning the immunological sub-discipline of vaccinology. Indeed, the repeated lack of presentation of citations, lack of original scientific explanations, and deferrals to others, including anonymous ‘fact checkers’ are suggestive of a discomfort with the subject matter being discussed. Matters related to vaccines should be left to the immunologists with deep expertise in this field.”

And it looks like maybe Dr. Jüni is finally taking the hint.

A mere week after my conflict-of-interest report went out, Dr. Jüni announced that he is resigning from his position at the Ontario science table and going to take employment at Oxford University in England as of July 1, 2022.

He was one of the key advisers on vaccine passports. And the media that gave him a megaphone for the last two years has yet, as far as I can tell, to even hint at declared conflicts of interest.

After all, Jüni only wanted vaccine passports in place because it “showed, for instance, in his home country of Switzerland that passports nudged people to get vaccinated because it gets so inconvenient not to be vaccinated that they’d rather take the vaccine.”

Sounds a lot like manipulation and persuasive coercion to me. And the government listened to these people for two full years while the media continues to spread their misinformation unabated.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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